Cream Gel Sessions:

Accessories - price from £5.50 to £9.50

Mirror (foldable) - £12.50 Clock - £22.50

Phone Case - £35.50 Earphone Case - £12.50

*Please email or WhatsApp the store 48 hours prior to confirm your phone/earphone model.

Comb (small) - £13.50 / (large) - £18.50

Phone Stand (10cm) - £29.50 / (15cm) - £39.50

Mirror - £35.50 Photo Frame - £19.50

Pencil Box (small) - £19.50 / (medium) - £25.50 / (large) - £29.50/ (extra large) - £35.50

Calculator - £19.50 Mini Fan - £23.50

Pen Holder - £29.50 Mug - £35.50

Music Box - £18.50

Tissue Box (small) - £29.50 / (large) - £45.50

Bag (small) - £45.50 / (large) - £69.50

*All packages include the DIY material and one/two tubes of cream gel.


Candle Making Classes

Class Types:

1. Beginners' Candle Class

Price: £99.50 - Per Person

Create 3 different types of candles in our beginners' class. This candle class will take around 2-3 hours and candles will be ready to take home straight away. Perfect as a gift for your loved ones or friends.

1st Type : A crafted cake candle

2nd Type : Dessert candle- 2 macaron candles or 2 ice-cream candles

3rd Type: A floral candle (made with real dried flowers)

2.Single Candle Making

Crafted Cake Candle- £69.50

Cheese Candle- £49.50

Macaron Candle*2 / Ice Cream Candle*2- £49.50

Ice Mountain Candle- £69.50

Cookie Candle- £49.50

Floral Candle- £55.50

3. KCCA (candle artist) Qualification Master Course

Price: Request for Quotation

It will include the application of candle artist teaching qualification certificate.

4.Our candle class is also available for private events or birthdays parties.

Price: Request for Quotation

Please email us for more infomation:


Acrylic & Sands Painting

Acrylic and sands painting is actually a texture art.


Acrylic Painting:

(20*20cm)- £30.00

(20*30cm)- £40.00

(30*30cm)- £45.00

(40*30cm)- £55.00

Acrylic Sand Painting:

(20*20cm) - £35.00

(20*30cm) - £45.00

(30*30cm) - £55.00

(40*30cm) - £65.00

Digital Painting:

(20*20cm) - £18.00

(30*30cm) - £22.00

(40*40cm) - £29.00

*Price includes:

You can make any creations with a professional painting teacher on hand to assist.

Please note: The session could last around 2-3 hours.


Fluid Bear


Key chain - £19.50
Small (18cm) - £35.50
Medium (23cm) - £45.50
Large (32cm) - £69.50
Extra large (50cm) - £99.50

*Price Includes:

Time around 30mins. Paints and tools. We have more than twenty colours for you to choose from, with a maximum of three colours per person.

Please note: It may require at least 3 days drying/curing period. Please contact us before collecting to ensure the product is ready.


Phone Chain/ Bracelet/ Necklace DIY



12cm - £15.50

Phone /Key chain


16cm - £15.50

22cm - £25.50



21cm - £25.50

*Price Includes:

A selection of over 100 unique beads. Please note there may be additional charges on selected handmade beads.


Glue Gel Painting


One Size - £8.50

*Price Includes:

A selection of paints and outlines to choose from with professional teachers to assist. Artwork is baked during the session and can be taken straight away.

The artwork is available to stick onto any smooth surface.


Moon Lamp/Doll Painting


Moon Lamp painting (small 8.5cm)- £25.00/ (medium 11.5cm)-£35.00/ (large 13.5cm)- £45.00

Doll Painting- £29.50

Price include:

A moon lamp or a plain cute doll. We have more than twenty acrylic painting colors.

You can make any creations with a professional painting teacher on hand to assist.

Please note: The session could last up to 2 hours.


DIY Bags

Please note a hot glue gun could be used in this session. Please ask for help once you finished choosing your unique accessories.

Fluffy Bag:

price - £49.50

Felt Bag:

price - £45.50


price - £35.50

*Price Includes:

A fluffy bag or a felt bag. A selection of 50 unique appliqués.

A fluffy doll is included in the package.

Please note there might be additional charges if you choose more than one fluffy doll for your DIY.


Perler Beads


Small Beads - £15/per hour

Large Beads - £20/per hour (coming soon)

*Price Includes:

Unlimited beads, bead tool, free exclusive accessories.

You can make as many creations as you want per hour with a professional teacher on hand to assist. Finished products can be used for pendants, mobile phone chains, refrigerator stickers etc. You can take the artwork back home on the same day.